Forster Products’ 3-in-1 carbide case mouth cutter for hand case trimmer.

Forster Products, a longtime leader in the development and manufacture…

Forster Products, a longtime leader in the development and manufacture of precision reloading and gunsmithing tools has introduced another innovative tool to its expanding line of premium equipment. Forster’s first-ever Carbide 3-in-1 Case Mouth Cutter – an accessory for Forster’s time-proven and much acclaimed case trimmer system — is designed to save time and improve consistency by simultaneously performing three separate functions in one simple step.

The new 3-in-1 Case Mouth Cutter performs these three functions:

1) Trims the case to length;
2) Chamfers the inside case mouth to an angle of 14 degrees;
3) Chamfers the outside case mouth to an angle of 30 degrees.

The Carbide 3-in-1 Case Mouth Cutter is the first cutter to ever employ high-quality blades made from US-manufactured carbide steel. The blades are so sharp they should never require sharpening if they’re used exclusively on brass cases. Cutter blades are factory adjusted on the blade holder to ensure precise cutting.


Forster Products’ 3-in-1 Case Mouth Cutter installs easily on the company’s Original Case Trimmer or Power Case Trimmer. It slides over the cutter shaft and secures with just one set screw. It is currently available in either .224, .243 or .308 caliber with additional calibers planned.

Forster Products is a leading supplier of high-quality reloading and gunsmithing tools designed to expand the capabilities and improve the performance of reloading and shooting enthusiasts. Known for precision and high quality, the ISO 9001:2008 accredited company offers more than 2,000 product listings, all designed and manufactured to exacting specifications. From the Co-Ax® Press to sizing and seater dies to headspace gauges, Forster Products knows that the control of key variables means the difference between shooting success and failure.

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