Broomfield, CO – Frontline Aerospace, Inc., announced a breakthrough…


Broomfield, CO – Frontline Aerospace, Inc., announced a breakthrough aircraft configuration code-named V-STAR – an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) – and associated MicroFire TM gas turbine fuel-efficiency technology.

“Our VTOL-Swift Tactical Aerial Resource TM – or V-STAR – is the ‘HUMVEE of the air’ and provides a breakthrough solution for frontline military logistics and related Multi-Role Endurance (MRE) missions,” said Frontline founder and Chief Executive Officer Ryan S. Wood.

“With payload at the center-of-gravity, V-STAR provides real mission flexibility,” he said, “since it can carry ITARS (intelligence/target acquisition/reconnaissance/surveillance) packages or weapons  –  then morph back into its primary role providing frontline combat logistics.”

The modular payload approach allows for rapid change-out in the field – one minute providing troops with ammo, food, water and fuel – and the next minute providing tactical reconnaissance, communications and close combat support.

“Frontline has tapped some of the most creative talent in the aerospace industry to unveil a Tactical UAV with superior speed, range, endurance, payload and mission flexibility,” Wood said.

Attendees at the annual conference of the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) in San Diego got a first look at the innovative V-STAR configuration, which executes Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) via a ducted lift fan with counter-rotating blades.

V-STAR TM then transitions to forward flight with its highly innovative “diamond-box-wing” and ducted rear pusher fan.  Dual Rolls-Royce Model 250 gas turbines propel the aircraft at a cruise speed of 288 knots with a 400-pound payload for 650 miles.  Endurance variations of V-STAR can carry a 110-pound ITARS package for over 19 hours.

“V-STAR TM can reach targets often three times faster than helicopters,” said Wood.  “Our patent-pending configuration creates for the first time a cost-effective and practical morphing wing.”

Joining Wood at the unveiling were Frontline directors and advisors including LtGen (ret) Timothy Kinnan, Chief Operating Officer of Verihelion Corporation, former Lockheed vice president and vice chief of plans for the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Dr. Robert M. Wood, veteran aeronautical physicist formerly of McDonnell Douglas Corporation; and MGen (ret) Thomas Eggers, consultant to Northrop Grumman, first commander of the Air Force Special Operations Command and former deputy commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM).

Frontline Aerospace advisors also include Steve Britt, Esq., head of the Washington, DC-area corporate, technology and busienss investment practice of Leach Travell Britt pc; and Timothy Jordan, a Colorado-based investment banker.

“We are excited that V-STAR TM offers not only survivability, safety and low air-defense signature for military applications,” said Wood, “but it is also appropriate for civilian missions such as disaster relief or oil platform support.”

Wood added that Frontline has simultaneously advanced patent-pending MicroFire technology giving V-STAR the advantage of high fuel-efficiency and reduced carbon emissions for the Rolls-Royce Model 250 engine family.

“Frankly, we are keeping our MicroFire capability somewhat under wraps at this point,” he said, “but we realize MicroFire can increase endurance and fuel-economy not only for UAVs, but also create significant fuel savings for a whole class of helicopter engines worldwide – thus creating a true ‘green’ helicopter,” he added.   “Leading firms have talked with us about licensing MicroFire for their own air vehicles.”

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  • I came to know that Mr. Wood is a quack. I wish I’d read a this blog before I ever gave him five minutes of my time.

  • majstanusmc

    SCAM ALERT – UFO FANATIC – BOGUS “FRONT” COMPANIES – This jar-head took a look. Company “prez” named Ryan Wood is a wellknown UFO fanatic. In addition to saying he has a deal with Kuwaiti Aerospace – Standard Aero, a little digging shows he has a whole series of “front” companies, none of which does much business. He sells tickets to a big UFO conference and brags about leaking classified UFO documents with “UFO intelligence dominance.” He told Denver TV channel that “It is really a crime against all humanity” about UFOs and brags about leaking “hundreds of pages” of Top Secret UFO documents. He has a company called “Plugloads” that one place claims to do energy conservation, and another palce claims to do metals rolling. He has a company called “Psychic Jackpot” at where he claims to sell software to “train your mind to pick winning lottery numbers.” He has a company called “Sun Flower Wind Systems,” with advertising stuff about organic gardening. Must be a busy guy, since it says in 2004 he was also working as a sales guy for “Bayview Technology Group” Does this dope really claim to be making helicopters safe and twice as good on gas? I guess the Kuwaitis have enough oil dollars to get control of it, but I sure as hell won’t fly it on my birds. Check out comments on from a true rotorcraft exec.
    Idiots like this need to be exposed.