GARRITY’S Incognito IWD Holster

Mark Garrity is probably the best unknown holster maker in…


Mark Garrity is probably the best unknown holster maker in the country. I didn’t really like IWBs until I tried this one. A full-time police officer, a competitive shooter, and former SWAT team member and academy instructor, Mark carries full-time and understands the little things that make a holster really work. His own description of this holster shows how he thinks; “The wide flaring, slim profile and belt loops front and rear of the holster body stabilize and distribute the weight of any handgun. (This rig was originally designed around the short top-heavy HK P7 series.) A thin 6-ounce holster body with a high scalloped front eliminates the added bulk of a reinforced mouth band while still permitting adequate one-handed reholstering, and a rear body shield protects the wearer from the pistol’s slide, rear sight, and manual safeties. Belt loops are removable to allow different width loops. A thin suede backing covering the entire rear body of the holster reduces shifting, and prevents the holster from ‘sticking’ to the wearer if worn against bare skin. Underneath this suede backing is a thin plastic membrane which protects your pistol from perspiration. A Kydex-reinforced mouthband is also offered on this holster.”  For more information, visit

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