Gates to Cancel Weapons Contracts, Keep Defense Spending at Bay

WASHINGTON– Defense Secretary Robert Gates is gearing up to do…

WASHINGTON– Defense Secretary Robert Gates is gearing up to do the exact opposite for Defense spending: His plans to “gear down” the Military will be announced later this month in effort to keep the Defense budget from being overspent on superfluous projects.  Up to a half-dozen major weapons cancellations will be announced, including the contracts for the new Navy destroyer, Army ground-combat vehicles and the Air Force’s F-22 fighter jet.

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  • ARA

    At my post they’re highering military veterans to serve as gate security guards. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Sure it does. Until you learn that they’re laying off currently employed guards to do it.

    Now Secretary Gates is going to cancel weapon programs, which will put DoD employed civilians and support contractors as well as those Americans employed by the firms that would have designed, produced, and supported those systems.

    Does it matter that national unemployment is in excess of 9.5 percent? Not, evidently, if you work directly for Barack Obama.

  • With China arming itself to the teeth, Iran a big question mark, Russia behaving badly, and North Korea cracjkpot leader rattling his sabers, it does not seem prudent to cutback weapons systems we have already spent billion of developing. Nor should the Coast Guard’s new ice cutter have been cancelled. Global warming is causing the isolation of people in ice-bound areas whose seaways must be kept open by the Coast Guard to keep them re-supplied by preventing the ice from cutting them off. These weapons programs employ many people, and if their manufacturers shut down, where do we get these weapons should we suddenly need them? Catepillar makes engines for many of our armored vehicles, and those of our allies…and engines for our submarine force too!

    I would stop the practice that the services have of spending freely when they can charge the costs of virtually anything they want to buy against the war(s) as mission-essential.

    The virtual fence is a complete waste of money!