GHILLIE SUITS.COM’s Synthetic Complete Ghillie Jacket & Pants Set

New Synthetic Complete Ghillie Jacket & Pants set has a…


New Synthetic Complete Ghillie Jacket & Pants set has a No-See-Um fabric for the inside lining which makes it feel so smooth on the skin that you can even wear a T-shirt underneath. In the hotter climates this can be crucial in the comfort of the wearer, allowing the wind to pass right through!

Ghillie Suits.Com offers a suit like no other. In fact, it’s “Patented”. They use the Finest and strongest materials available, without compromising quality and strength. Their suits are based on a 100% Nylon netting with a 500 Lb. Tensile strength. The Jute thread is 1-Ply, 10 Lb. Tensile strength, made from 100% Tossa Jute Fiber and they hand tie 4-5 strands of Jute Thread to every knot. That’s 40-50 lbs. of strength at every knot! Other features include:

-Inside liner is a Camouflage No-See-Um bug proof fabric.
-Nylon netting sewn on the outside, then our Synthetic thread is attached, this allows you to add vegetation to blend into your local surroundings.
-Elastic sewn in to the pants for comfort and added bug-proofing, Plus Belt Loops!.
-Draw cord on the jacket’s attached hood, and waist.
-Cord-locks on the jacket sleeves, and pant cuffs.
-Velcro secured flap covers the zipper for extra security.
-Water-proof Synthetic thread, Fire-retardant, Rot-proof , Mildew resistant , Washable, Odor-less & Non-allergenic.
-Complete Jacket & Pants weight (Medium = 4.75 lbs.)

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