GLOBAL RIFLES’ DSR 50 Sniper Rifle

  Made by the same team as the ultra-accurate DSR-1…


Made by the same team as the ultra-accurate DSR-1 at their factory in Oberndorf, Germany, DSR rifles are considered the “Bugatti Veyron” of long range rifles.  Global Rifles built their DSR 50 with special metals heated to extremely high tolerances, providing an accuracy that is second to none.  For example, the DSR-1 in .308 will shoot a 10 shot group at 1000 yards of 1.7 inches using factory ammunition.

DSRs do not recoil or jump when fired.  The new DSR 50 features a unique hydraulic recoil damping system and clip on tactical suppressor.  It has a suspensory bipod, so the rifle will find its own level on uneven ground, rather like water does.  It has an adjustable buttstock and cheek piece.  It is comparatively lightweight and compact in comparison with other .50BMG rifles.  The combination of these factors makes it not only ultra accurate, but user friendly.

A small number of extra rifles for civilian use can be made alongside the Military contract, and Global Rifle has already taken some orders.

Delivery will be 12-14 months for weapons added to the manufacturing run.

If you would like to order one of these much sought after DSR-50s you need to get your order in soon!  A non-refundable deposit of £2,000 (approx $2,979) is required with the order.

The price for the basic rifle is £16,500 (approx $24,573). The suppressor in the picture is an extra, as are the mounts, optic and bipod.  Final version may differ very slightly from this prototype.

Main features
•    Hydraulic recoil damping system
•    Light weight / short length
•    Clip on tactical suppressor
•    Adjustable butt-stock and cheek piece

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    This rifle is awesome. A true keeper and collector piece. The difficulty is chosing the caliber? .308, 300 WIN Mag, .338 LAPUA, or the Almighty 50 cal.. Decisions, decisions…

  • Jason Goldsmith

    These are selling at under Euro 7000, here:

    So how come were these quoted at GBP 16,500 ??

    Ok, maybe that was a 2010 price…but honestly, one can buy direct from Germany.

  • We have one DSR-50 not yet sold from the current production run. Please contact us if you are interested. Paul, Global Rifle, Tel +44 1455 291100

  • marky123

    £17000 a snip

  • Rabih F.G

    Hi Please can you tell me about the price of DSR 50 Sniper Rifle as it shown in the picture.

  • Michael W. Gray

    I am a collector or rare and expensive guns. I would like to order the dsr 50 or the dsr .308

  • Hi Yevgeniy
    We will be delighted to quote you, if you get in touch with us.
    The production of the DSR-50 is progressing well and they should be available before the end of 2009.

  • Yevgeniy

    looks like a great if albeit an expensive rifle. I wonder how much are accessories like spare mags, and the like.