Glock 21 JCP at the Naval Expeditionary Forces Expo

Noteworthy hardware at the tip of the spear, unveiled at the Naval Expeditionary Forces Expo, includes the Glock 21 JCP.

GLOCK displayed a unique GLOCK 21 that stood apart from other models on display. The GLOCK 21 was created in response to a solicitation for the JCP (Joint Combat Pistol) program that’s recently been suspended. This pistol features GLOCK’s Safe-Action, semi-automatic striker system and is chambered in .45 ACP. Carrying 13 rounds, the pistol on display also featured a special desert-colored polymer frame and an M1913 Picatinny rail. Further information on this model is not currently available but more information on GLOCK pistols is available at

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  • Ronald

    I’ve been a LEO for about 17 years. I have carried G21 the whole time, cycling through them every 3 years as Glock recommended for duty use. Never once, repeat, never once have I had any malfunctions or problems. This is the only gun I trust. And I have many others, hk usp, sig 1911, sig 220, kimber, etc. Glock is a solid dependable accurate pistol for daily duty or combat use.

  • General Jim M

    PS The 9mm has one advantage over the 45,i don’t mean ammo capacity.There are plenty of ammo makers who have AP rounds for the 9mm,body armor defeating AP rounds.One example the Belgian VBR,besides the West,i’m pretty sure Russia has a few too.

  • General Jim M

    Lots of people who will never see combat love to buy weapons called “combat” “tactical” etc,just say that the S.E.A.Ls use it or the F.B.I use it and everyone thinks it’s special.I’d trust a plain old Glock over a fancy expensive 1911 any day.Let us not forget that the F.B.I are not supermen,they ran away from the moderately powered 10mm auto cartridge.And one more thing,who in a combat situation is not going to be relying on a rifle? The pistol is for when you run out of all rifle ammo and you are hiding so you won’t get your butt shot off.

  • i want a mid size glock 21sf asap!
    wish they would build one..

  • Mike Ball

    When I first read the Headline of this article “Glock XX JCP” I was so excited. Then I looked at the picture and
    realized its just another disappointment from Glock.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love Glocks, it is what I shoot when carrying, for competition, etc. However, Glock has had so many chances over the years to make some significantly truly functional changes to their pistols.

    this Glock 21 JCP is a uniquely colored G21 with a M1913 rail…. big deal.

    If we’re looking for a true combat Glock, then where are the combat type sights?, the threaded-barrel?, the enhanced trigger with trigger bar assembly, perhaps made of aluminum billet block, instead of mashy plastic. Where is the 4140 ordnance grade alloy for the barrel? with No polygonal rifling so it can shoot any type of bullet including Lead! Hell where are the front cocking serrations or at the very least a press-check hole like the S&W M&P?
    So many chances to improve just the slightest on what at the core is definitely an ideal tool.

    My main point here is that if Glock is going to make a “special edition” Glock, do something besides changing the color and adding one feature and call it “combat”

  • Is it not the round it is where you put it! Glocks are great.

  • Silas

    where can i get one of these jcps? do they come in other colors? your right about that, its more than accurate enough to kill, do you really need 1″ groups to kill? nope just pop em a couple of times with that 45 in the chest and it will take care of your problem, if thats not workin shoot the neck or head. people say the glock is an ugly pistol, i disagree its simplicity and reliability and accuracy make it beautiful to me.

  • Cant beat these pistols they cost thousands less an may not be a tack driver but in combat i like to drive railroad spikes.I dont have time for target shooting most the time.Most case scenario is im drawing ,moving for cover,pushing and pulling my clients.If i got one shot in chest and next two in stomach im happier than a pig ina pig pen.