Good To Go Goggles

One commonly undervalued item in the police gearbag today is…

One commonly undervalued item in the police gearbag today is goggles. They serve a valuable function in protecting the eyes from a number of hazards, and they shouldn’t be taken lightly. A good pair of high-quality goggles can keep sticks out of your eyes while working through trees or other brush (especially in dark or low-light work), wind and dust from activating your tear glands and reducing your effective vision, driving rain from blurring your eyesight, building fragments from ricochets permanently damaging your corneas (or worse), and provide some limited peripheral protection from gas agents working against you instead of for you.

goggle.jpgNot all goggles are created equal. One of the greatest balancing acts a pair of goggles has to achieve is sealing up tightly enough to keep particulates out without fogging up and obstructing vision completely. It’s important to understand exactly what features a given set has to offer, so you’re not caught by surprise at just the wrong moment. You don’t want to find out in the middle of a firefight that your helmet pushes your goggles halfway down your nose, or that you can’t find the sights on your rifle with your goggles on. Aside from increasingly leaning toward military gear in general for certain high-risk tasks in recent years, one goggle trend that’s emerging is lighter, smaller, and more comfortable protective eyewear.

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