Government shutdown 101: What does it mean for the military?

While the Pentagon will continue to prosecute the war in…

While the Pentagon will continue to prosecute the war in Afghanistan in the event of a government shutdown, US troops will work without pay, according to a new guidance issued late Thursday by the Department of Defense.

“All military personnel will continue in a normal duty status regardless of their affiliation with excepted or non-excepted activities,” reads the memo. Yet, it adds, “military personnel will serve without pay until such time as Congress makes appropriated funds available to compensate them for this period of service.”

Civilians working for the military in essential activities also will not be paid. DOD civilians “not engaged in excepted activities” will be furloughed.

Source: Anna Mulrine for The Christian Science Monitor.

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  • Eric

    General Jim M is right! Don’t fold to fear mongering. The agenda of the Dems is to get YOU to depend on what the “give” you, then “pull-it-for-pain” when it suits their interests. Check out FRONTPAGEMAG.COM for an opposing perspective to the brainwashing of CNN, George Soros, et al. It won’t be pleasant, but we are not in a nice situation, which has been building up since the late ’60s… Remember, “Freedom is isn’t Free.”

  • Dan

    Perhaps congressmen should take their public “servant” title more seriously and take some pay cuts.

  • General Jim M

    I think this article is wrong,the military is seperate from other less essential government departments.Just a lot of fear mongering,trying to get soldiers and their families angry with Republicans.We can balance the budget easily. Pull out of Iraq,Afghanistan and Libya,pull out of foreign bases,cease ALL foreign aid,stop all money from the US to the UN,quit the UN,kick the UN out of NY and let them be based in Mecca ( that’s where they belong ).It’s real easy to balance a budget if you don’t have warmongers killing people for peace and freedom.Personally the only people who i care about their freedom is Americans.We cannot be free if we work to support the world.So,don’t be easily led,politicians LIE and DEMAGOGUE.Just don’t be stooges,there is a list of US government departments of what is or is not essential personnel.The military is essential.

  • Chet

    That horseshit why should i come in without pay while all those Congressmen live the lap of luxury with there 100k salaries there lucky I love my country enough not to go AWOL!!