Great Rifleman’s Read

From brown bear and Dall’s sheep in Alaska, to elephant…

From brown bear and Dall’s sheep in Alaska, to elephant and Cape buffalo in Africa, Dwight Van Brunt has hunted much of the world’s greatest game. In Born a Hunter, his first book, he takes the reader along on more than two-dozen exciting trips afield. Honest, humorous and edgy, Van Brunt writes in a fashion that goes beyond typical outdoor writing.

Join him on an exciting chase after a cattle-killing leopard and a grueling hunt for a grand desert bighorn. Share his adventures for Stone’s sheep in the Yukon, desert mule deer in Sonora, and both sable and kudu in Namibia. Look over his shoulder as he hunts wolves, moose, elk and deer, alone and with his son and daughter. Visit or call 800-849-1004 to order.

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  • LiveFreeOrDie

    This is one of the greatest books I’ve ever picked up. Got it yesterday and only had a short time with it but it’s worth the buy (or the borrow at Barnes & Noble). I’m only on chapter 2, and I’m already on the internet shopping for a reputable African camp and guide. The author made me want to book a hunt and take a kudu, right now- No kidding. Not having hunted in another country, I’m naive in regard to getting my weapons to and from Africa. That cannot be an easy proposition. Looking forward to jumping back into the book. So far, it’s 2 thumbs up.