Green Beret who died trying to rescue daughters to be buried at Arlington [a return]

[originally posted March 19, 2012] A decorated U.S. soldier who…

[originally posted March 19, 2012]


A decorated U.S. soldier who died while unsuccessfully trying to rescue his daughters from their burning North Carolina home will be buried alongside the girls at Arlington National Cemetery on Monday.

Chief Warrant Officer II Edward Duane Cantrell, 36, was a member of the 3rd Special Forces Group at Fort Bragg. The Green Beret had returned in August from his latest overseas deployment.

Officials believe the family’s century-old home had tinderbox conditions that led to “a very intense fire.”

Military officials said the Fort Bragg soldier had completed six deployments, including one to Iraq and five to Afghanistan.

Source: CNN

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  • Wanda Best

    Thank you to everyone that has kept Duanes only surviving son in your thoughts and prayers! A year has almost passed and sometimes it seems like the fire was yesterday. Kenny is doing the best he can to live up to his dads expectations while still grieving his dads and his half sisters death everyday. It is an honor to help raise this amazing young man who not only looks just like his dad but has so many of his characteristics. We are so grateful to have this precious living part of our Hero, Duane Cantrell, in our lives.

  • Rest in peace sir. Thank you for all you did for our country.