Colt Capability BG LE6920 USA
LE6920 USA

Gun Review: Colt Civilian Capability

Reliable mil-spec designs from Colt built for self-defense, competition and the hunting trail!

Colt was there when the U.S. military drafted the first mil-spec AR rifles in the 1960s.

Walk the Colt factory in Hartford, Conn., and you will see rifles ready for shipment to the U.S. military. The military does not accept the shipment until they completely strip down a few rifles chosen at random, mix up the parts and reassemble the weapons. If the torn down and reassembled rifles function, then the lot is accepted by the military. Individual parts are put through a range of testing to ensure rifles function regardless if the intended use is combat, defense or competition. Colt products like the 1911s and Single Action Armys are built on some original machines. ARs are built using the CNC machines, as well as high-tech robotics that attack a piece of metal in a fury of cutting fluid and spinning tool bits.

Colt puts its mil-spec experience and know-how into not only military rifles, but commercial versions, and offers civilian-ready AR-15s that can be categorized into three variant types: personal defense, hunting and competition.

Colt’s commercial line of rifles for sporting use runs the gamut from civilian versions of the M4 with 16-inch barrels (military versions have select-fire capabilities and 14-inch barrels) and no selective fire control to hunting variants and competition-ready models for 3-Gun and Service Rifle match competition. Handle a Colt and you will see that the quality is built into the rifle. Colt’s ARs with proprietary monolithic uppers offer a great leap in accuracy since they free float the barrel while offering more rigidity. You just can’t pick one, you have to shoot it.

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