DoubleStar Dominators lead
Gun Review: DoubleStar Dominators

Gun Review: DoubleStar Dominators

Capable ARs from DoubleStar that deliver top-tier performance and unstoppable downrange power!

For those looking to buy a top-quality AR without breaking the bank, I would humbly recommend you consider one from DoubleStar Corp.

The company has roots that date back more than a quarter century through J&T Distributing, a respected AR rifle parts distributor. Responding to requests for the company to produce complete rifles, DoubleStar Corporation (DSC) was born.

Based in Winchester, Ky., along with J&T Distributing, DSC soon developed a popular line of AR-pattern rifles and carbines. What is interesting about the company’s offerings is the fact that it simultaneously views its offerings from the perspective of both a traditional manufacturer and a custom maker. Taking advantage of the benefits of a manufacturer and a distributor being located in the same facility, DSC offers both stock models and specialized
builds per customer request.

Following is a round up of some representative models from DSC’s line of stock rifles and carbines. Take a look and see what best fits your needs.

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