Stag Arms Model 1

Gun Review: Stag Arms Excellence

Gas and piston AR designs from Stag Arms delivering 5.56mm and 6.8 SPC firepower!

Stag Arms is known for its mil-spec quality. The black rifles that come off the company’s assembly line are built to perform in defensive, hunting and competitive situations. For 3-Gun competition, the Stag Arms 3G is tweaked to offer optimum performance, which is the bottom line in any shooting competition.

 Stag Arms offers an AR to fill any need. Having used a number of Stag Arms rifles and carbines—the Model 7 in 6.8 SPC is my go-to AR deer gun—as well as shooting experience with a wide range of models from other manufacturers, I can honestly say the Stag Arms designs are some of the best built AR rifles and carbines. Quality aside, Stag Arms is well known for manufacturing left- and right-handed ARs. Stag Arms produces a left-handed version of all its rifles. These model names end with the letter “L” to indicate a left-handed model.

Stag Arms chambers its rifles in 5.56mm NATO, which means it will also accept .223 cartridges. To me, this is a good way to go as you can use surplus 5.56mm or .223 loads depending on the situation. With the 5.56mm NATO chamber there is no fear of excessive chamber pressure like in ARs chambered in .223 and shooting 5.56mm NATO. The only odd caliber rifles the company produces are the Model 7 and Model 5 in 6.8 SPC. A full upper assembly in 300 Blackout caliber is available and will work on any Stag Arms and mil-spec lower. The 300 Blackout is an upgrade option to certain upper halves.

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