Wilson Combat Warriors BG 2015 Recon Tactical lead
The Wilson Combat Recon Tactical

Gun Review: Wilson Combat’s Rifle Warriors

Versatile, hard-hitting AR designs from Wilson Combat built for portability and long-range accuracy!

Talk to Bill Wilson about any of his products—1911s, ARs, magazines, ammunition—and you soon understand that the man has a relentless passion for perfection.

No part or process during research, manufacturing and testing is left unstudied or untouched. Product details are refined, which is obvious in the way they ultimately look and perform. Quality and customer satisfaction are paramount, and it shows in the Wilson Combat line of AR carbines and rifles. Wilson Combat ARs are available off the rack so to speak, but many purchasers specify the options they want on a Wilson Combat AR. Bill Wilson will make the rifle to suit your needs.

The 6.8 SPC was developed for better terminal effects while still having an acceptable long-range trajectory. The cartridge size allows it to still fit in the AR-15 platform. Bill Wilson calls the 6.8 SPC cartridge versatile and capable of handling deer and hogs as well as defensive use. According to Wilson, “The 6.8 SPC is capable of pushing a .277 caliber, 85-grain bullet over 2,900 fps; 110-grain bullets can easily achieve 2,500 fps with factory loaded ammunition.” Wilson loads ammunition and is a die-hard reloader. He can get even higher velocities that allow use of heavier bullets up to 130 grains, which dramatically improves terminal ballistics over a 5.56x54mm at long range.

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