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FEATURES NIGHTHAWK TACTICAL .308 RIFLE by Doug Larson Ultimate sharpshooter’s…

gwleapril2010 FEATURES

NIGHTHAWK TACTICAL .308 RIFLE by Doug Larson Ultimate sharpshooter’s dream rifle — performs 800 yards and beyond!

AMERICAN TACTICAL IMPORTS HP9 by Mike Detty Hi-Power and Beretta crossbreed — full-size duty 9mm with 21 shots of firepower!

STAG ARMS MODEL 8 5.56mm by Dave Spaulding Tough as nails gas piston AR for going into harm’s way with confidence!

STI’s NEW MILITARY & POLICE FIREPOWER by Matt Berger New tactical duo — Sentinel Premier .45 ACP and Tactical 5.56mm Rifle!

ARES DEFENSE TACTICAL RCU-22 by Gary Paul Johnston Ultra lightweight .22 LR carbine ideal for raid duties!

NOVAK CUSTOM TACTICAL 870 by Michael O. Humphries A custom 12 gauge shotgun for the police cruiser or in the hands of SWAT!

MOSSBERG NIGHT TRAIN II .308 by Paul Markel Tactical precision rifle that will consistently score sub-MOA!

POF USA P308 MRR 7.62mm by Charlie Cutshaw Entry carbine with relentless reliability and a hard-hitting punch!


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