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FEATURES SPRINGFIELD M25 WHITE FEATHER .308 by Charlie Cutshaw Tactical…

SPRINGFIELD M25 WHITE FEATHER .308 by Charlie Cutshaw
Tactical precision sub-MOA sureshot boasts enhanced details galore!

BLACKWATER BW15 5.56mm by Eric R. Poole
Custom built from the ground up just the way you like it!

SIG SAUER P250 9mm by Dave Spaulding
Super versatile autopistol adjusts to the shooter and the mission!

FNH FNP-45 .45ACP by Rich Grassi
Rugged, reliable, accurate — it’s ready for duty!

GLOCK 21SF .45ACP—A Second Look by Rich Grassi
Check out the shorter, smoother and more svelte G21!

BENELLI NOVA GSP 12GA by Rob Garrett
Georgia State Patrol’s tactical pump, do-it-all enforcer!

BUSHMASTER XM-15E2S 5.56mm by Paul Markel
A proven fighting carbine that’s dressed for battle!

Guest editorial
mystery of only two beers

First responder
importance of training and practice for survival

Street smarts control all the unknown variables and make the right move

Sharpshooter Leupold’s new RXB-IV rangefinding binoculars

Long guns Ruger’s do-it-all carbine — NRA Mini-14 .223

Plain clothes gear for hot weather carry — holsters, packs and LCP

SWAT talk action always beats reaction, but act with due caution

New products the latest and greatest tools and equipment

Working knives Spyderco’s Caspian Salt, Tenacious, and Catbyrd

High tech Yamaha’s super versatile 4×4 ATV — the Rhino

Duty ready Federal’s newest high-performance hollowpoint

Police stories Gypsy Mary / Dead End / Gut Feeling / Suspect at Large / Diversion Discounted

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