Gunshot Detection Systems

Some of the many new high-tech devices recently to join…

Some of the many new high-tech devices recently to join operations in combat theaters, are acoustic sensors to locate the position of hostile gunfire. The enemy has dubbed one of these new acoustic sensor arrays “The Death Octopus,” because if you shoot at it, it shoots back.

Today, vehicle-mounted gunfire detection systems are helping to save the lives of warfighters by providing immediate location information on previously hidden snipers, including systems such as AAI Corporation’s “PDCue,” QinetiQ’s “Ears,” and BBN Technologies’ “Boomerang.” With vehicle-mounted systems proving their worth every day, developers have shifted their attention to the development of soldier-worn gunfire detection capabilities.

One example of early interest in the portable option can be found in a May 2006 “Sources Sought” announcement “to identify potential sources for the development and testing of a soldier wearable gunfire detection system (SW-GDS).”

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