HAMMERHEAD’s Gear Keeper Low & Super Force ModelTM

Professionals in the field need to keep their firearms always…

Professionals in the field need to keep their firearms always at the ready by their side — when lives are on the line, safety always has to be top priority. To meet the unique needs of those who serve and protect, Hammerhead Industries® has now introduced its new line of retractable sidearm tethers, with two models: the Gear Keeper Low Force ModelTM and the Gear Keeper Super Force ModelTM — with a system tailored to fit a variety of specific applications.

Each model attaches to a saltwater-proof Gear Keeper®, a rugged system that contains a Velcro-strap mount that enables shooters to attach their firearm to either a gun belt or MOLLE system — or, a clamp-on belt clip. Either comes with a patented flushing system that quickly clears sand and debris from the unit.

hammerhead2.gifBoth models come with a patented Quick Connect-II system with pivot-ball connection. The Low Force Model is designed with a sturdy stainless steel cable with nylon coating, and the Super Force Model is designed with a nylon braid over a Kevlar core — a low-profile lanyard that allows full mobility without snagging, and a high impact case and stainless steel spring and hardware. The RT2 Low Force has a 60-pound break strength, while the RT3 Super Force has an 80-pound break strength. Both are strong enough to withstand harsh environments, but will break away should entanglement occur.

The Gear Keeper RT2 Series Low Force — standard issue for Navy SEALS — allows a sidearm to hit the ground but remain tethered and snag-free. This 36-inch extension system puts very little tension on the sidearm and is preferred by shooters who want to carry their sidearms for a long time. It’s ruggedly designed with 3-ounces of retraction.

The Gear Keeper RT3 Series Super ForceTM prevents a sidearm from hitting the ground when dropped, but allows it to remain securely tethered. Helicopter crews and motorcycle police prefer this model, with its 24-ounce retracting force and 32-inch extension. It will suspend a fully loaded handgun and provide additional stabilization for aiming.

To learn more about this and other Hammerhead products, visit www.gearkeeper.com.

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