HARDIGG’s 472 LE Line of Storm Cases

Hardigg Storm Case has announced a new line of cases…

Hardigg Storm Case has announced a new line of cases specifically designed for the law enforcement market: The 472 Law Enforcement line.

Derived from Hardigg’s line of military cases, the 472 Law Enforcement line has a wide variety of cases, used for everything from weapons transport and storage to tactical field deployable desks and medical chests.

The new line includes numerous multi-weapon containers designed to hold any combination of M4s and M16s; chests with sliding drawers designed for supply storage; the Field Desk that comes with attachable tabletops for quick set-up; large and small footlockers and trunklockers; the lighter-weight injection-molded trunklocker; and a full range of single lid cases.

A line of Personal Weapons Cases with custom interiors is also available; these custom cuts are made with in-house foam cutting controlled by a computer system for precise handling of complex shapes.

Molded from military-tested polyethelene or their patented HPX® resins, 472 Law Enforcement line is designed to protect against dust, water and impact.

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