HARDIGG’s Tacticool Mobile AC Unit

Miles from home in a hostile environment, the last thing…


Miles from home in a hostile environment, the last thing you want to hear is “the server is down.” Lives may be on the line, and you need information not excuses. Fortunately, help has arrived: Hardigg’s new TactiCool System, a rugged Mobile military air conditioning system that keeps your vital rack mounted electronics safe from heat, dust and moisture within a closed, controlled environment. Keep your electronics cool and online with the Hardigg TactiCool.

* One 6000 BTU Air Conditioner, for maximum cooling power
* One Front Shroud With Clear PVC Window
* One Rear Shroud With Nozzle Ports and Cable Access
* Cable pass-throughs for easy cable management
* Two 6 ft Bio Vent Hoses, with sewn in attaching clamps, provide flexibility and strength
* Two Inlet/Outlet Nozzles, to quickly connect hoses to shrouds
* One Hardigg Single Lid Storage Container, to store and ship your AC accessories

For more information on this and other Hardigg products, visit www.hardigg.com

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