HardPoint Universal Mag Carrier

The world's first auto-adjusting /auto-tensioning 5.56-7.62 mag pouch is here.…

The world’s first auto-adjusting /auto-tensioning 5.56-7.62 mag pouch is here. No rubber bands or shock-cords to break, have to adjust, or jam up when they are stacked in tandem. Simply stick your AR, AK, M-14/M1A FAL or G3 mags (or any other items of similar thickness) in the pouches, and they stay there until you intentionally remove them. Retention level can be adjusted, however, per personal preference.

Rubber over reinforced plastic design is both durable, wear-resistant and quiet.

Each pouch takes up precisely two MOLLE openings. Can be used in either mag-up (standard) or mag-down (inverted) configuration.

Made in the USA.

MSRP: $40

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