Heckler & Koch P2000 LEM .40

The wizards at Heckler & Koch have been working with…

The wizards at Heckler & Koch have been working with polymer pistol frames for a long time, longer than anyone else. They started with the VP7O (Volkspistole, or People’s Pistol of 1970), a blowback design. In one form, it was supposed to be furnished with a rifle stock and a “burst fire” mode. Remington had used their polymer stocks for rifles and the XP-100 “handgun” was chambered for the .221 Fireball. The plastic pistol world was changed by GLOCK. Thereafter, HK came along with the USP, which is still in production.

hk21.jpgHK’s USP made its debut on these shores in 1993. The initials stand for Universal Self-loading Pistol. The USP operates as a modification of the Browning delayed blowback system. The pistol was offered with variants of trigger and control options with minor changes with its parts.

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  • jeff flick

    Great pistol! I’m going to purchase the H&K P2000sk for my concealed carry weapon of choice.