HECKLER & KOCH’s MR556 & MR762 Rifles

Heckler & Koch is beginning to manufacture two new rifle…


Heckler & Koch is beginning to manufacture two new rifle designs in their newly opened U.S. factory. The new rifles, the HK MR556 and HK MR762, are inspired and influenced by the HK416 and HK417, two highly acclaimed models designed and produced by Heckler & Koch’s Oberndorf, Germany plant.

The rifles are to be produced at a new 70,000 square foot HK manufacturing facility located in Newington, New Hampshire.

The HK MR556 and HK MR762 models, caliber 5.56 x 45 mm and 7.62 x 51 mm rifles respectively, will be produced at the Newington facility from American and German made components. To comply with German government regulations, certain design changes were made in the rifles to make them adaptable to the American commercial sporting market.

The semi-automatic HK MR series rifles use an HK-proprietary gas piston operating system recognized for ultra reliability and will have German-made cold hammer forged barrels. These are some of the same key features critical to the success of the HK416 carbines used by leading US and foreign law enforcement and military customers. The HK416 is widely viewed as a leading candidate in a possible competition to replace the U.S. military’s current M4 carbine.

“We’ve reached a major milestone in our objective to establish a production presence in the U.S.,” said Wayne Weber, executive vice president of the US business unit of Heckler & Koch. “The new HK45 pistol is the first HK product officially “Made in the USA”. It is our goal to strategically transfer production of select HK products to the U.S., with the HK45 Compact being the next product to come off the US production line and shortly thereafter, the HK MR series rifles.”

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  • HK/Colt mongrel

    HK had their MR556A1 upper on sale for $1,850,

    drops perfectly into the Colt lower…snug, a better fit than the Colt upper.

    Nice combination, although there IS a weight penalty (but worth it).

  • Dardeau

    I bought my first HK rifle, an MR556A1, almost two years ago, before prices went crazy. I like everything about it EXCEPT for the *&^% trigger group. It is NOT crisp and it has TOO MUCH take up. No small wonder why Special Forces changes these out for better fire control. However, I would still buy this rifle again. Like my HK Expert and Elite pistols, it’s a solidly built weapon. By the time you added extras to the cheaper AR platforms to LOOK like an HK, you could have BOUGHT and HK. As for the price of the MR762…well perhaps that’s another story.

  • James David

    Ok, I have been firing military weapons for 16 years, and I am looking to get a rifle for personal use. I am looking for an M4 based weapon. I really like the reviews of the HK piston operating system, but I am looking for a weapon that will fire the 7.62 NATO round, will the HK MR762 fire the NATO round or is it limited to the 308 sportsman round?

  • Does anyone know what the difference is between the MR762A1 and the MR762A5 ?

  • RKeteCT

    All I here is one complaint spoken a million different ways. (HK is to expensive) Really? Pick any other gun. Do a lit
    tle research and you will find multiple complaints. If the only complaint any one has to say about HK is the price. Then you get what you pay for. And I prefer to rely on my weapons ability to last. My USP45 has been to hell and back with me several times over the last 6 years. I have never questioned its ability to work. It has never jammed once. so to HK haters everywhere. Good luck!

  • Rocket

    I saw the 7.62 version at the gunshow today. It is a very nicely built rifle. Very solid in its feel and construction. I recently picked up an LMT mws with the stainless barrel. I chose this rifle over all other 7.62 at battle rifles, due mainly to the fact of the rifle actually being used in combat. Hk and others just lost a contract to LMT after a brutal, rigorous test by British high command. I am thoroughly impressed by it, but I’m not going to pass on hk 7.62 model, if I find the right rifle. I have 3 hk usp series pistols as well as ap2000 sk, so I’m no stranger to the quality behind them.

  • mike

    To all, particularly Mr. Priest, if you have to save 3 years at a rate of 100 dollars a month to buy this rifle I have one comment: YOU CANNOT AFFORD THIS RIFLE. The only person who should drop 3-4000 dollars on a rifle are people with a net worth of hundred of thousands of dollars. There are more pressing priorities in life that a 7.62 rifle, particularly when you already have other rifles. Save you money for a house, you kids education, some investments for your old age, etc. People like you have no reason to put yourself into this situation for another rifle. BE SMART, USE CAUTION, AND REMEMBER: THOSE WHO WILL NOT ECONOMIZE WILL SOON AGONIZE. I am a long time gun collector but I made sure that before I started collecting I could afford them.

  • razor-x

    yah, it’s pricy and it’s an AR derivative. but I narrowed it down to the POF and HK. both are expensive and both are good weapons. I’d rather have an HK G36 though.

  • Miami

    Me, this year you should give out HK 417’s.

    Me Says:
    March 26th, 2010 at 4:07 pm
    Xmas come early for all of you.I’ll buy for each of you ONE HK 416.

  • Mike M

    Just for fun I went to the LWRCI website. Like one person on this site suggested. They look like nice rifles. But there was no claim that they work in sand, mud, and water. And there prices are just as high. I purchased a H&K MR556a1 when I first had the opportunity. I paid a nice sum of money to own it. I own several other rifles, including a FNH FS2000 and FNH FNAR. And several other rifles. The H&K MR556A1 is an extremely nice rifle. I feel it is worth the money. But I like to own quality things. Yes there are much less expensive rifles out there. And that is a good thing. So the people that can’t afford to own a match grade rifle, that can hold up in all kind of harsh conditions, can still own a rifle to enjoy shooting and protect themselves and their families. And btw, I don’t even own a watch.

  • Happy H&K owner

    I’ve owned the MR556A1 for about a month now, and as soon as I put that first round downrange I’ve been amazed with this rifles performance. I’ve built and bought many different 5.56/7.62 rifles throughout the years and none of them (except for my custom built AR) even come close to function and quality put into these. Worth every penny in my eyes. Probably the only 5.56 rifle I would consider spending that much on. Plus the only upgrade/add-on this gun needs is a good optic of choice and a grip if you feel the need. Don’t be scared by the price, the gun is absolutely worth it if you want something factory built and ultra reliable without the need to spend a grand on upgraded parts. A+ rifle. Thinking about getting my 5.56 a big sister and picking up the 7.62 since I’m a firm believer now. It’s money well spent in every aspect if you’re in the market for a ultra-reliable firearm that is awesome out of the box. I think I’ll buy H&K from now on. Glad my Glock is completed. Heh

  • Coyote killer

    This gun is beautiful , light and easy to set up with superb accuracy with a 20 round clip, how could you want anything else. Yeah, I know it cost a fortune , listen, you only get what you pay for. Keep up the good work H&K

  • Hammer

    Well designed weapon, but not the standard by any means. It’s the “Rolex effect” with alot of shooters, “Look what I have and you don’t.” You can spend half the money without sacrificing reliability. Hitting the target in high stress situations usually comes down to the shooter…not the weapon.

  • jimmy nguyen

    i dont care how much it cost, this is one heck of a rifle, i m going to get one for myself

  • mike wallace

    $4000 for the 308 version. NICE TRY HK

    another HK outerspace price.

    I’ll wait and see, the market is growing fast for modern 762 battle rifles.

    There HAS to be a reasonable alternative.

  • Martin

    I did my research about HK 556 for about 2 years and I read almost every available online forums post regarding HK 556. Police enforcement, swat team, snipers and navy forums is full with positive feedbacks about this revolutionary gun and I notice many negative post is repeating them self in many blogs with same text contents, that make me believe it made by HK comparatives. Same people is appear on this forum.
    If you want truth about this gun, you need to do your own research and if you do you will quickly realize why this gun is about to replace M16 in US military and half European countries military is already using HK416.
    Please refer to the video HK416 vs. Colt bellow and make judgement for your self:

  • Garry

    Mine was 2400 + tax out the door. Goes nicely with my P7M13.

  • Mikie

    …wah wah wah …. Get a clone and hope it doesnt jam when you need it to stay alive …. God Bless HK! …

  • steven harper

    HK’s pricing really disgusts me.

    The HK91 was very expensive, thne the truth came out how CHEAP it was to make, mostly out of metal stampings!!!!

    Like hell I will pay this much, or even close. There are equally good semi auto 308/7.62 rifles out there that are a fraction of the price.

    Besides, as a civilian, why the hell do I need the most expensive gun?

    Its just for self preservation and range plinking for me.

  • KenFlorida

    HK are very good weapons, but to pay over 2 dimes for this weapon, i draw the line. Let HK rot in hell with them, and i can well afford to buy one. Let them rot in hell, just like the oil companies.

  • whenever a product has this many delays coming to market, its not a good sign, unless someone would like the excuses list rolling.

  • Sylent1

    Yeah, I wanted an MR762 bad, too. But I won’t be paying European prices for guns. IF you’ve ever been there and seen how much people pay for what we get for much less you’d realize that WE are the ONLY market.

  • Approximately $4,000.00 for an H&K MR762 is what I’m seeing out there online. If I can save my money for about 3 years, I can stand probably putting away $100 a month, and I might just manage being able to afford this gun. I just wish H&K didn’t put such an over-inflated price on their products. They could surely charge half that price and still make a reasonable profit I bet. Maybe I assume to much and it’s insanely expensive to make these, I dunno… just seems like it’s pretty expensive and we all have a justified right to whine about it.

    The economy has tanked so bad, I’m sure most people are probably just thankful they have a job, and are more worried about still having one in 3 years before they’ll worry about buying a new gun. Right now it’s just not affordable for me, but boy oh boy it’s a great gosh darn weapon! This is finally the AR style rifle I’ve been waiting for, and in a round that I love! I gotta get me an MR762 even if it takes me 4 years to save my pennies!

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed in hopes of a very gracious and beautiful person willing to bestow their kindness upon me and buy me one for a gift!

    *hints at the wife to consider my birthday!*

  • Me

    Xmas come early for all of you.I’ll buy for each of you ONE HK 416.

  • charles ho

    All you hungering for a HK MR556 or MR762, check out the LWRC rifles. They are American made, piston reliable, NiCorr coated, and every bit as sexy and reliable as the HK. It’s been water, mud, and sand tested just like HK. And it’s available and sold now, with great customer service. Check out http://www.lwrci.com, and search M6A2 or M6A3 – great in 5.56 or 6.8 SPC. Or if you like 7.62, check out the LWRC REPR. It is the best available semi-auto AR based 7.62 civilian rifle, and also available. Sure, buy an HK when it’s available – but everyone’s been waiting for years already. The LWRC is available now and the highest quality AR/M4 style rifle money can buy. Ask anyone with tons of experience who now owns an LWRC.

  • 1alpha6

    I need to get on a waiting list for the MR762. At a training class I recently attended 2 of the guys had 416’s and I was impressed all the way around. I don’t care what it cost I’m getting one.

  • Paul

    When first seeing all of the madness with the HK416/417 and the mr556/mr762 I decided to rule this rifle out as a purchase. After being reminded that it will be out soon after the 2010 shot show, in June as a matter of fact, it has sparked my interest again. I would really like an mr762, but it’s release date will not be until sometime next year. Im not a rich guy but I do believe in having one high-quality AR type rifle in my posession, and I will upgrade by selling the old one to get some of the funds. In this case, it will be determining if it is worth selling my Colt le6940 for one of these…@ $3,000 for the mr556 I really don’t know….

  • HKalltheWay

    Hurry the hell up HK.

  • Matt

    Ouch. I hope it comes on sale cheaper than $3500. That’s a deep hole in my pocket. I really want this rifle though.

  • TD.Norman

    if you want to see one of these hk’s in action follow this link
    near the end of the video they submerse them in mud, water and sand then immediately fire. They run 900 rounds through then take the bolt out and it’s cool as a cucumber. NICE!

  • TD.Norman

    Try Dunkin your Ruger sr-556 in the water or mud and come up shooting! It’s less $, but in my opinion, you get what you pay for…

  • Caesar

    They are not referred to as clips. They are magazines. One of my buttons is all….

  • HK4Life

    Nothing shoots better, feels better or looks better then an HK.
    Where the heck am I going to come up with $3,500?!
    Thats a lifetime supply of Ramen noodles!


    Probably January to June 2010. Call Kynesek Guns or Welchs Gun Shop in New Hampshire. Put your name on their waiting list with no deposit. Welchs has a list from two years ago. HK MR556 probably $3,300.00 to $3,500.00 and HK MR 762 $3,800.00 to $4,200.00. Very expensive indeed.They do not have a price list yet. FN also told me the same thing for the SCAR 17. 308 rifle. They are always late bringing them to market.

  • jeff flick

    I would like to purchase the MR556 but from my understanding they only come with 10rd. clips and I would only be interested if I could at least get an after market 30rd. clip.If not I’ll just have to purchase a Ruger sr-556 which comes with three 30rd. magpul clips for roughly $1995.00!

  • steve

    H&k Hates You

  • HKCollector

    HKallDAY – My understanding is that H&K anticipates making the MR762 available for purchase late this year.

  • HKallDAY

    I have been doing research and looking and waiting, yet my question goes unanswered. My question is this, When can I buy the HK MR762? or the HK417? I know the MR is the civilian model, I just want the rifle.