Heracles Research ConsoleBunker

The ConsoleBunker By Heracles Research is an all aluminum center…

The ConsoleBunker By Heracles Research is an all aluminum center console for firearm storage. The ConsoleBunker is tied into your factory door locks and has a timing mechanism that prevents unauthorized access. The system holds a M-4, shotgun and hand gun securely. The forward portion has ample storage for a large first aide kit and a fire extinguisher. The lid has a non-slip surface, and acts as a arm rest for the front passenger and driver.


Models are available to hold radios. The ConsoleBunker can be accessed on the fly and there is no loss in foot room for the rear passengers. The ConsoleBunker is made in the USA and retails for $2,400. Learn more at Bedgunsafe.com.

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  • Joshua

    I’m sorry but for $2,400 I would expect a more contoured look that doesn’t sacrifice the bottom half of my dashboard controls. I would also expect accessibility from both driver and passenger seats and biometric locks. If this thing is tied into the vehicle lock controls it seems like I would need to unlock all my doors in order to unlock my console. That seems like a bad idea because if I’m needing to reach one of my weapons I’m likely not in a situation where I want to unlock my doors…

  • Andrew in Illinois

    Need one in your V.W.

  • dan daMan

    Good lord! .2400 dollars!

  • Brandon SinCity

    Any idea if this can be made for a Ford F150 FX2 Sport 2007? I need this!!

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  • Chris Parker

    It is pictured in a 2007 – 2012 Tahoe so that mean the same year Tahoe, Yukon, Silverado, Sierra, and suburban.

  • This looks like a great product. Anyone have more information on which vehicles can be fitted?

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    mmmm daddy likeeeeee