HIATT Handcuffs

Manufactured using a combination of steel and aluminum, known as…


Manufactured using a combination of steel and aluminum, known as Steloy, Hiatt’s new lightweight handcuff models are available in chain style (Models 3103 and 3105) or hinge style (Models 3154 and 3155).  All models are 40-percent lighter and 17-percent larger than standard handcuffs, providing maximum strength without the extra weight.  Both hinged models provide a greater level of suspect control by using three solid links rather than roller chains to connect the cuffs. Models 3103 and 3154 are available in nickel-plate finish, and Models 3105 and 3155 are available in black finish.

untitled-1.jpgAll models retain Hiatt’s unique handcuff features:
• Three six-teeth retaining bars provide the ability to back-load so that the handcuff can be snapped back into place without having to release the offender’s hand.

• True-Swing Technology ensures the swing arm is balanced and centered so it consistently locks into the center of the shackle, minimizing the risk of injury to both the officer and the suspect.

• Boss rivets, which are larger on the outside than the inside, make it very difficult to defeat the lock.

• A leaf spring in the double locking mechanism provides increased safety and efficiency for law enforcement officers.

For more information about Hiatt, please visit www.hiatts.com

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