Hijacked Airliner Assaults

Terrorism aboard aircraft is not new but post 9/11 has…

Terrorism aboard aircraft is not new but post 9/11 has received increasing attention. Threats come in three major categories: hijacking aircraft and holding hostages, hijacking an aircraft and using it as a flying bomb, or planting a bomb aboard an aircraft.

airliner2.gifIntelligence is important in countering air terrorism, and many incidents have been prevented due to good intelligence. Unfortunately, even if security forces succeed 99% of the time, deadly incidents still happen. An aspect of intelligence not politically correct in the USA but practiced successfully elsewhere is profiling potential terrorists. Acts of terrorism are committed by identifiable groups a large portion of the time. Although security personnel must be aware of suspicious activity by everyone, facial recognition software combined with profiles of known terrorists can be of great value. Other aspects of airport security such as access control, metal detectors, sniffer dogs and matching passengers with luggage are effective preventative measures as well.

Aboard aircraft, air marshals, armed pilots, armored doors, armored luggage compartments to contain blasts and other measures make hijacking more difficult. Post 9/11, it’s quite possible that anyone attempting to hijack a U.S. airliner might well be torn to pieces by passengers.

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