HTM x Master Proven

HTM Knives is pleased to announce their partnership with Master…

HTM Knives is pleased to announce their partnership with Master Proven. Master Proven is an independent, 3rd party testing and evaluation organization comprised of ex-military and sports professionals. HTM Knives produces high quality mid-tech American made knives and tools. Together, their joint goal is to produce high quality knives and related items, drawing upon the knowledge and experience of each of the five (5) Master Proven evaluators’ knowledge and experience in the field. These products will not only have the superior build that HTM Knives is known for as well as the input and real life field experiences.

Our first product will be the MPMOD1 designed by Master Sergeant Grady Burrell and Knife Designer Darrel Ralph. “This knife was designed for field use. We have added features that stop an assailant from kicking or knocking the knife from your hand in a difficult situation, and at the same time making the knife a tool for utility purposes while in the field”, says Burrell..

This knife is light, while remaining strong and ready for chores around the camp or in tense situations. Ralph adds, “We at HTM have seen Grady’s vision and added our technical capabilities and long knife making experience to the design. Together we have one of the finest knives on the market today. We will combine our strengths on all of the knives resulting in a winning collaboration.”

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    $500 for a pocket knife?!? That you think i’m gonna carry in the field and run the risk of losing?