I.C.E Training: Combat Focus Carbine

This intense 2 day program applies the principals of the…

This intense 2 day program applies the principals of the Combat Focus Shooting Program to the world of semi-automatic rifles. Stressing efficiency, working with what the body does naturally and training in context, Combat Focus Carbine is a progressive and dynamic course.Students will engage in a variety of shooting drills and maneuvers designed to make their shooting (sighted and unsighted) more intuitive.

In addition to the fundamentals of close quarters defensive rifling, students will be guided through handling techniques, transitions to back up weapons and understanding how a variety of factors affect their balance between speed and precision with a carbine.

Improvised shooting positions for heightened precision capabilities (smaller targets & ranges out to 150 yards) will also be covered.

Students should expect to fire 1750-2000 rounds of ammunition.

To register for this class CLICK HERE and choose from the courses on the left.  For further assistance, email vscrob@msn.com

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