Industry squaring off for Army’s carbine competition.

The Army has fully funded the competition that supports the…

The Army has fully funded the competition that supports the Army’s strategic emphasis to increase the capabilities of small units. In separate remarks, Lt. Gen. Michael A. Vane, deputy commanding general, futures, and director, Army Capabilities Integration Center, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, emphasized the importance of equipping small units in an era of persistent conflict. Lt. Gen. Vane stressed that the future operational environment will exhibit uncertainty and complexity and result in the dispersion of the infantry squad on the battlefield.

“There are indications that gaps exist within the capabilities we require of our Soldiers and units,” said Lt. Gen. Vane. “The individual carbine is of critical importance in giving the Soldier the decisive edge in the close combat arena and it is a key component of an integrated Soldier and small unit system.”

The Army carbine competition is the first such contest for an Army service rifle in the past hundred years. The competition will determine the most effective, accurate, and reliable individual weapon available for the Soldier. Any weapon chosen in the competition would also feature better ergonomic features and be compatible with the current accessories and enablers (i.e. sights, grips, sensors, lasers, grenade launchers, etc).  The competition is fully funded through the “Research, Development, Testing & Evaluation” phase.

Source: ddawson for PEOsoldier.

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