This is Insight's new XTI LED flashlight with optional pressure…


This is Insight’s new XTI LED flashlight with optional pressure pad activation. It is well suited for hand-held personal use or weapon mounted applications. The models viewed by Tactical-Life at IACP were 125 lumens although representatives reported that the output will be increased to 150 lumens by the 2009 SHOT Show. Visit

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  • Justin Hughes

    Everyone on laughs anytime someone mentions HellFighter (DarkOps). I wouldnt waste my time Eric.

  • Eric R. Poole

    Thanks for your comment Mr. Taylor! Tactical-Life has worked hard to bring readers the latest developments in illumination accessories and laser designators. However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t do a better job! In our magazines you’ll find articles covering samples from Wilcox, Streamlight, Insight, SureFire, Pentagon, Blackhawk, and even Dark Ops. I’ll make it my personal mission to dig deeper into the Dark Ops HellFighter brand of illumination tools and bring you and others their latest offerings.

    Thank you very much for your constructive comment. Tactical-Life values your opinion and hope that you’ll come back and visit soon.

    Eric R. Poole
    Tactical-Life Staff

  • Ernie Taylor

    This might not be the correct forum for my comment but, if not, I guess I will hear about it. My comment has to do with the almost total lack of information, good or bad, provided to readers about another brand of lights/lasers. This brand, which I have found to be excellent in almost every category, including price, is the HellFighter (Dark Ops) brand. These flashlights and light/laser combinations I have found to be excellent. For example, the UnderBoss light/laser combination offers 150 lumens of brightness combined with a 1 MOA laser with 2,000 yards reach in darkness and 400 yards in daylight. It has all of the features that 90 percent of all of the other brands available with a price of $139.95 for the halogen version and $169.95 for the LED type. It is also capable of field replacement of the type of lamp used from halogen to LED and vice versa. Somebody ought to look into these flashlights and light/lasers so as to provide we consumers another choice, a very good one at that.