I.O. PPS-43C Pistol

I.O. Inc. is proud to introduce the PPS-43C pistol, imported…

I.O. Inc. is proud to introduce the PPS-43C pistol, imported from Poland and redesigned for modern use.

The PPS-43C (Pistolet-Pulemet Sudaeva, model of 1943-Sudaev SMG) was designed as a more compact and mobile option than the PPsh-41 used by the Soviet Army during the early years of WWII. A designer named Sudaev offered the original prototype in 1942, then refined the design for the final product in 1943. The result was a mass production of the PPS-43 for the Soviet Army, with nearly 2 million manufactured between 1943 and 1946.

Argued as the best SMG (sub machine gun) of World War II, the PPS-43 has now been redesigned to shoot from a closed bolt position with a safety located at the front of the triggerguard. The PPS-43C pistol has a stamped steel receiver and barrel shroud, an L-shaped flip rear sight marked for 100 and 200 meters, and a fixed blade front sight.

The PPS-43C is chambered in 7.62×25 mm TT and weighs 8.09 lbs with a loaded magazine or 6.7 lbs empty. The barrel length is 9.84 inches and has an effective range of over 200 yards. It is manufactured at the Radom Plant in Poland and has all new Polish made parts and components.

The PPS-43C pistol is ATF approved, has an MSRP of $449.95 and ships with four 35-round curved box magazines.


Learn more about I.O. Inc. and check out the full product line by visiting Ioinc.us.

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  • The russians were always big in taking the most advanced technology of their time and simplyfied it to their harsh environment. So you can also find MP-40 features in this gun. It always worked very good. The russian stuff will NEVER win beauty prices or competitions but it will NEVER let you alone when the S… really HTF…!

  • Russell

    I went to the http://www.IOINC.us site. They claim to be in business for 15 years but don’t have any MSRP information on the site. . .

  • AJ

    looks like the Polls found some surplus German MP40’s, cleaned them up and are reselling them.