Iraqi Forces, U.S. Advisors Capture Suspected Terrorists

WASHINGTON – Iraqi security forces and U.S. advisors detained 12…

WASHINGTON – Iraqi security forces and U.S. advisors detained 12 suspected terrorists recently in operations in north and central Iraq, military officials reported.
Iraqi forces detained two people yesterday near Tikrit. The suspects are believed to be members of al-Qaida in Iraq, and responsible for car bombings against civilians and security forces in northern Iraq. One of the suspects is believed to be linked to a Nov. 4 bombing east of Tikrit that killed a U.S. servicemember, Multinational Force Iraq officials said.

Also in Tikrit, Iraqi forces arrested a suspected terrorist leader with a criminal warrant Nov. 21. The man is believed to be involved several bombing attacks against Iraqi forces, military officials said.

In a Nov. 19 operation, U.S. troops and Iraqi forces detained nine suspected terrorists in southern Baghdad. The suspects are reportedly part of an organization believed to be involved in murders and weapons trafficking, officials said.

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