Iraqi officials say daylong wave of attacks across Iraq claimed more than 90 lives on Thursday

Iraqi officials said Friday that a blistering string of attacks…

Iraqi officials said Friday that a blistering string of attacks across the country the previous day ultimately killed at least 93 people and wounded many more, as the extent of the violence grew clearer and mourners began to bury their dead.

It was Iraq’s second deadliest day since U.S. troops left in December, surpassed only by a wave of coordinated killings last month. Thursday’s attacks seemed meant to strike fear in Iraqis and undermine faith in the Shiite-led government’s security measures ahead of what was supposed to be a festive holiday weekend.

“Al-Qaida wants to send a clear message to the Iraqi people that the terrorists are still strong and able to harm them despite the huge amount of funds spent on the Iraqi security forces,” said Shiite lawmaker Hakim al-Zamili, a member of Parliament’s security and defense committee. “The terrorists want to tell the Iraqi people that the security forces are still incapable of protecting them.”

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    oh well thats their problem, fix it, you were given the tools and weapons now grow a set and find some heart