Iron Eagle Tactical Rail Systems for Ruger SR-22 Rifle

Iron Eagle Tactical is a new company focused on providing…

Iron Eagle Tactical is a new company focused on providing high-quality Rail systems and accessories for the RUGER SR-22 Rifle. There has not been a fundamental change to the Picatinny Rail system since its conception in 1995.

Iron Eagle Tactical has changed that with a new completely redesigned rail system called the E-TAC RAIL SYSTEM, (Patent Pending).

The E-Tac is the first rail system to offer the customer a choice as to how they will use it.


E-Tac has three features that no other rail offers.

First, the square Picatinny slots have been replaced with beveled slots. This gives more strength to the rail and provides a base for attachments to fit better with no chance for movement of accessories on the rail.


Second, the bottom of the rail has been opened up to allow for concealment of accessory wiring.


Third, is the new Combat Draft System. This provides a drafting of air through the rail and is exported through exhaust ports along the sides of the rail providing a cooling effect to the whole system. More air moving around the barrel produces less heat stress on tactical equipment and cooler operation on the forearm. A cooler operating system means more reliability and longer life for the barrel.

The latest application of this system is to the Ruger SR-22 Rifle.

Iron Eagle Tactical offers free USPS Shipping within lower 48 states and Canada.

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  • Kevin W

    Very high quality product , great customer service! It really shows when someone takes pride in their work , and strives to be the best at what they are doing. Dealing with Iron Eagle Tacital is Hands Down The best experiance i have had with anything firearms related !

  • cole thomas

    The .22 may not be the choice weapon of the military, but I think the real point of Iron eagle is the rail system itself. The combat draft system, beveled slots, Etc. They may have improved something we have taken for granted.

  • Right Coast

    “Thousands of these guns are in campaigns around the world…” Really, what nation(s) issue a .22 for combat?

  • John Wood

    This product is before its time. Thousands of these guns are in campaigns around the world and now we have the ability to give our troops the accessories that they need. Kudos to Iron eagle

  • J. Fitch

    These things are incredibly well made. Anyone who knows anything about metal working will recognize this as a cut above the usual mass produced stuff you see in this field. The anodizing, for instance, is best I’ve seen. Kudos to Iron Eagle Tactical.

  • A.C. Helfrecht

    The folks at Iron Eagle Tactical Rail Systems care about your firearm needs. They are a pleasure to work with and will go above and beyond to make sure your requests are satisfied.

  • J Tarkington

    I have purchased a set of the rails & the Brush Guard, the quality of the items are outstanding.

    I am pleased with the innovative ideas this company
    has offered & truly like their pride in offering
    quality products for our brave men & women that
    serve this county.

  • Micki Tarkington

    I have seen these personally and they are thoughtfully built and a valuable addition for anyone wanting a reliable rail system for attachments!