It’s All About Long Shots

Welcome to a column about long-range shooting. Here you’ll find…

Welcome to a column about long-range shooting. Here you’ll find information on the latest guns, cartridges, optics, accessories and shooting techniques for hitting targets at ranges of up to 1,000 yards—and sometimes beyond. While tactical shooting will be the primary emphasis, long-range competition may also be touched on occasionally, as developments in target shooting often cross over to the practical realm.

bullets.jpg“Long range” will have different meanings to different shooters, in different situations. For police sharpshooters limited by department policy to targets at 200 yards or less, a 175-yard shot at a hostage-taker’s cerebellum may be long range. In the military environment, the situation is more complex, because the targets, the weapons and the operational objectives are more varied. With an iron-sighted M16, enemy troops at 500 yards are at long range; a scope-sighted M24 or M40 takes “long” out to 800-1,000 yards, while a CheyTac M200 or Barrett 82A1 can hit radar dishes, light vehicles, aircraft—and sometimes even personnel—at ranges of 2,000 yards or more. For the purposes of this column, I’m will arbitrarily define “long range” as pretty much any distance past 600 yards.

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  • Ron Wilson

    Just that after looking around the site for info on the .338 tactical I find there isn’t really any. I wouls like to learn about the nuts & bolts of the rifle and action …and the stock. Plus, I’d also like to see what there is about the cartridge that could make me choose your outfit over a Sako TRG in .338 Lapua. Last thing, the price. I can find out in a few moments just how much the Sako is and I’d need to know the cost of your offering also. Can you help me out here???

    Thanks – I’m asumming you will at least try.

    • jeff burns

      the price of the rifle in the mag is 3995.00 i am also looking for more info on this rifle but cant find anything anywhere,like where 2 get one,can i get it in canada?