Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement

FEATURES BUSHMASTER ACR ENHANCED 5.56mm by Richard Mann Next-gen weapon…



BUSHMASTER ACR ENHANCED 5.56mm by Richard Mann
Next-gen weapon system packing a potent punch for patrol/SWAT missions!

SPIKE’S TACTICAL 5.56mm/37mm COMBO by Michael O. Humphries
Duty proven ST-15 carbine is joined by the less-lethal Havoc Launcher!

BENELLI MR1 5.56mm by Rob Garrett
Ultimate patrol carbine with ARGO gas system —performs every time!

SIG SAUER 2SUM 9mm By Paul Markel
From street patrol to deep undercover — the 2Sum can do it all!

DS ARMS SA58 SHORT SPR 7.62mm by Matt Berger
Battle-proven precision rifle for policing the mean US streets!

WEATHERBY PA-459 12 GAUGE by Michael O. Humphries
A 21st century scattergun designed from the ground up for tactical operations!

DIAMONDBACK DB380 by Mike Detty
Deep-cover .380 ACP mini pistol with full-size performance and features!

KIMBER MODEL 8400 POLICE TACTICAL .300 MAG by Charlie Cutshaw
Sub-MOA surgeon’s scalpel — long-range performance ideal for LE operators!

by Dave Bahde
Pistol-caliber carbine built to withstand the rigors of high-threat duty!


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