KAHR ARMS PM9193 Pistol

The KAHR ARMS PM9193 Pistol comes with a loaded chamber indicator and external safety feature.

The new Kahr Arms PM9 pistol. The new model, available as the PM9193 and PM9193N, includes a loaded chamber indicator and external safety feature.

The new model is designed to provide physical indication if there is a casing loaded in the chamber. When a shell casing is chambered, the casing pushes a lever upward and out of position to notify the operator that the gun is loaded. The operator will also be able to feel the indicator out of its normal resting position as it will not be flush with the top of the slide, thus warning the operator that the firearm is loaded.

pmThe new model also features an external safety that will prevent the firearm from firing when the safety is in safe position. The product has an external lever with two settings. When the lever is pushed up the red dot is visible; the firearm is in the armed position and ready to fire with the pull of the trigger. When the lever is pushed down, the red dot is hidden and the firearm is in safe position and will not function with the pull of the trigger. The safety works in the following sequence. When the lever is in down (Safe) position the connecting cam on the lever pushes the trigger bar out of position thus disconnecting it from the cocking cam. Thus, even when the trigger is pulled, there is no contact between the trigger bar and the cocking cam and thus there is no fire. When the lever is pushed up (fire/armed position) the cam moves out of place and the trigger bar moves up, again connecting with the cocking cam and ready to fire with the pull of the trigger.

This new model PM9 is introduced to comply with certain state regulations for firearms. The standard model PM9 will also remain available for purchase. MSRP for the PM9193 is $924. The PM9193N has an MSRP of $1049.

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  • Brad

    Unfortunately the safety operates backwards. It is activated by swiping upwards with the thumb which is away from the grip. This prolongs proper hand placement on the grip as you are engaging your target. I’m not a fan of the 1911 one way or the other but atleast John understood ergonomics. The 1911 safety is pushed down. This makes more sense as the motion necessary to disingage the 1911 safety also places the thumb into a more proper place on the grip as you engage a target.

  • 1911 guy

    You’re right about all of that, but here in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, you need to have all of these stupid bells and whistles to have a chance at making a gun “MA compliant”. It’s stupid and I can’t wait to get out of this state. I did just buy one of these today though, and it is really nice!

  • Darwin

    Why would you want to delay someone from getting a Darwin Award??? A round indicator is simply robbing people of their only accomplishment in life!!!

    Now only if that DEA agent knew how to aim… He would be professional enough to have one of my awards too!

  • HungrySeagull

    If you cannot use a Handgun safely without all this labeling and doodads, maybe you should not own one.