Kel-Tec PMR 30 SMG Prototype

Kel-Tec says: The PMR-30 SMG is a full-auto only developmental…

Kel-Tec says:
The PMR-30 SMG is a full-auto only developmental prototype. It is not available for purchase, and was specifically created to prove that 30 rounds of rimmed 22 WMR can feed 100% reliably.

For more information visit their Facebook page here.


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  • gareth

    totally agree ur argument. Should the holster be properly formed to allow red-dot to be fitted the pistol world would expand so much bigger
    mini reddot on pistol is HOT!

  • Edward

    … *looks at the mini red dot that’s effectively THE rear sight of the “pistol”-with-stock*

    Why is this not more common! DAMN YOU video games! Real life itself proves this can be done!

    Is it just me, or would a mini red dot as a sidearm rear sight not adversely affect carry/draw so long as the holster is designed to accommodate its presence?