Ken Hackathorn Advanced Tactical Pistol

Only for Students who have attended previous defensive pistol training…

Only for Students who have attended previous defensive pistol training programs. Note: this is not a new or beginners’ level training program. Students should already have an acceptable level of gun handling and marksmanship skills.

Day One:
– Introduction, followed by a lecture on tactical mental applications, legal aspects, and equipment selection.
– Late morning range drills and review of the ‘key’ advanced shooting principles.
– Lunch for 45 minutes
– Return to range for advanced approach to pistol presentation, follow through, and scanning. Turns, pivots, emergency reloads, and multiple targets.  Intro to shooting on the move, and related skill drills.
– Break for Dinner until dusk, then low- light firing techniques, with flashlight and without.
( A quality flashlight is required)

Day Two:
– Resume training with continued range sessions to include review, strong and weak hand drills, point shooting, distance/long range, corner drill, skill drills, and evaluation skill drills.
– Final class review, with key points based upon the students ability to function reflexively.

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