Kimber Super Carry Ultra HD .45

Kimber Super Carry Ultra HD .45

The solid trigger was crisp, predictable and well suited for…

The solid trigger was crisp, predictable and well suited for personal carry.

Like many who always carry a pistol, guns of different types, shapes, and sizes tend to cycle through our inventory over the years. It is dependent upon a few things. For me, it was generally one of three, the first being the simple joy of trying something different. For years, the running joke at the police department was “Just wait a few weeks, the Lt. will try a different gun.”

Kimber’s Super Carry Ultra HD offers the professional in need of a compact 1911 a solid performer with features specifically designed for undercover carry.

Another reason was the state of my back at any given time. Sports and other physical endeavors have left a toll. Many suffer from back, shoulder or even hip injuries that can make a large pistol problematic. Smaller and lighter pistols can help to alleviate this, certainly in a concealed holster, but also in a duty rig.

Not only does the “V” pattern on the top of the slide provide a really nice look — it assists in preventing unwanted glare in direct sunlight.

Lastly was my move into the administrative world and the adoption of a suit and tie as my uniform. The need to conceal a combat pistol when restricted to a suit has plagued police administrators and businessmen alike for decades. For some, the pistol simply rides in the desk, protecting the pencils and paper clips. Another alternative is to go small. Unfortunately, this often results in carrying pistols that are inaccurate, unreliable and underpowered. Many times, officers and administrators show up with small and powerful pistols that keep the side of the barn and any likely suspect completely safe.

The slightly bobbed mainspring housing assists in concealed carry with less chance of printing on clothing. It also facilitates a smoother draw.

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  • Alain

    Woof please, not everyone wants to carry consealed or even use a firearm for protection. They just want a quality, good looking firearm they can enjoy shooting. Glocks are great handguns i own a few, but lets face it, they are ugly, black and boring. Do yourself a favor get a quality 1911 and rediscover shooting for the love of the sport.

  • Woof

    I will say, that is a beautiful gun but when it jams and someone says, you limp wrist the firearm from the recoil then you will want a gun that will shot upright, sideways, upside down and that will likely be a glock. After years of drills and wearing it on your person, you wonder what you ever saw in a 1911 in the first place.

  • WHO IS THE COMPANY that makes that tool below the pistol on the top picture? is it surefire and if so what is that thing called. where can I get one thanks