KIMBER’s Tactical Entry II

Just when we thought that there is no way Kimber…

Just when we thought that there is no way Kimber could put another twist on the 1911, they unveil six new pistols for 2009, including the Tactical Entry II. It’s a loaded 1911 semi-auto chambered in .45 ACP, featuring a stainless steel frame, match grade barrel, night sights, an extended magazine well, and 30 lines-per-inch frontstrap checkering for a non-slip grip. The most significant aspect of this pistol might be the integrated tactical rail for attaching lights/lasers. Discharging the Tactical Entry II requires a four-to-five pound pull on the premium skeletonized aluminum trigger, after releasing the handgun’s reliable safety systems. For more information, visit

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  • Maybe I am old school but your finger shouldn’t be on the trigger unless you are ready to pull it. If you want an extra saftey buy a Glock with a mattress spring for a trigger. People buy 1911’s for that reason, precision feel and performance. Thats why the best in kicking down doors (Special OPs, LAPD etc) use 1911’s. Just compelled to say something to gunslinger.

  • gunslinger

    i hear you- kimber’s regular trigger is nice- but so is the one on the tactical entry. let me tell you why:

    courtroom aside (my wife’s a dist. attorney, and im a street cop), the stronger- yet extremely crisp and clean trigger pull is something very important on this pistol- having shot my friend’s yesterday, i can tell you it is just about perfect- meaning its light and crisp enough for fine precision work, but the meat and potatoes of this weapon are this-

    it is a weapon designed for tactical entry, and kicking down doors. my experience over the last 10 years has led me to believe that a super light trigger is not the best on my tactical 1911. in a high stress situation, the fact that it is crisp and clean are important to me, but rest assured- my finger is going to be real nervous if the opportunity to fire it in the line of duty ever (god forbid) really comes. that extra pound or so of safety margin is much appreciated- considering the trigger is still just as crisp and clean as the others out there (if not more so).

    i run a kimber custom tle II without the rail right now. its outfitted with the old surefire m6 light. great platform, and i love it to death. uniform duty weapon is a colt 1070xse. i really wish i had found this back in january when i got the colt- i would have swapped the custom tle2 to a uniform duty role (without the light), and bought the tactical entry for the tac team duty- probably with a surefire x300.

    stay safe everyone!

  • Kent

    Nice weapon, I fondled one just the other day. Only gripe why would a 4-5 lb trigger be a positive feature. After all Kimbers standard trigger is possibly the best production trigger to ever be used in a 1911 designed pistol. This sounds like it is slightly heavier than the normal pull. To disuade any possible argument from the court room antics croud, the standard Kimber trigger is a production factory trigger and should not make an ioda of difference in the court room, unless you have the worst lawyer in the world defending your case. All in all this pistol feels good in the hand comes standard with Night Sights and is a 1911. props to Kimber for producing some of the best pistols, oh ya they still make them in the good old USA at least I think they do.