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  • Skorzeny44

    I like these pants as well as others on the market…the problem is the velcro on the pockets, though. I’ve grown to really hate velcro closures on combat clothing- it sticks to things you don’t want it to stick to, and it is very noisy. Buttons are still the best option.

  • Dan

    In a world with TRU-SPEC 24-7, 5.11 Tactical line, Blackhawks & Woolrich all in the range of $19.00 to $60.00 I can’t see justifying a pair of tactical pants for over $100.00 no matter how good they are.

  • CBec

    Doon, seriously you have a problem with the velcro? VELCRO? Can you or anyone else for that matter explain a real situation where you had to reach into the velcro sealed pocket of your pants to retreive ANYTHING while in close proximity to the enemy or whoever your hiding from. All the mag pouches on my vest have velcro, and if im accessing them its cause I was just in a GUN FIGHT and need to reload.

  • Edwards

    WAY TOO HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DooN

    Yeah, Velcro is great if you are hell bent on giving away your position.

  • Mr.T

    Velcro sux.

    Other than that the pants look like they came from the future.

  • Allen

    Insane price, nice pants, insane price!! 160.00$ not counting shipping. LOL.