The German-based KMW partnered with L3 and debuted an unusual…


The German-based KMW partnered with L3 and debuted an unusual entry for the JLTV competition.  It is very spacious with enough computers to overwhelm every sensory perceptor in the human body. It is comfortable and high tech. The vehicle is unique on the inside in that there is no “hump” where the transmission would normally be, helping to add functional room within the vehicle. Passengers can switch seats without getting out and exposing themselves to enemy fire. This is accomplished by two separate engines. One located at the front of the vehicle and one at the rear. Each powers their own axle. If one engine is knocked out, the other can still drive the vehicle and it improves handling by spreading the weight over the entire chassis. The F2US has a concept for 6 variants ranging from a weight of 22,000 pounds (light 4×4) to 53,000 pounds (heavy truck 6×6). This vehicle is built on off-the-shelf components and can accept many subsystems. Like a few other JLTV entries, this vehicle is a center-drive, which means that the driver’s center location gives a wider field of view.

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