KRISS Super V .45 ACP

Although the move to the 5.56mm for many police departments…

Although the move to the 5.56mm for many police departments and entry teams can certainly be understood, it does not mean it is a move for everyone… or even the best move for many. The debate over the move to patrol rifles from shotguns is similar. In fact, for many the move to a rifle caliber may not even be in the cards. This can be for political reasons, state laws, or simply the preference of a particular chief executive.

kriss2As the cost of rifle systems continues to rise it presents another set of issues for many police departments. There may come a point someday where most agencies simply cannot afford them or the ammunition to feed them. That means other alternatives are nice to have, and one of those is the sub-machine gun or similar weapon.

A shoulder-fired weapon in a pistol caliber is still a viable choice for many. There are a number of advantages to a pistol caliber entry weapon, sub-machine gun, or even a long barreled weapon in a pistol caliber. After attending every phase of training with a subgun I never felt “under-gunned” with the 9mm or .45 ACP. Like anything else in this world it has its limitations, but the ability to be lethal was not generally one of them. The typical lack of recoil makes them deadly accurate, especially on the move, and they are inexpensive to shoot as a general rule.

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  • Shoji

    Worse pos I ever handled. Shot one twice last year for 3 days each time, rep came to my store for semi-annual sale. It only functions on Winchester White Box, nothing else, and even then full auto is great if you like jamming every 4 – 5 rounds. This guns is a joke, it jams, fte, ftf, fails overall. The rep himself was totally embarrassed and we had to remove his firearm option from our free auto shoot for our customers since it was delaying the line so much. No one in the industry would ever trust their life with this thing. I actually think this firearm is a terrorist plot against the U.S….No one in the industry would actually rely on this thing in a life or death situation, not even the people who sell it…If you bought one of these, contact me please, I have several items that do not function that I can sell you.

  • RD

    Repp…so you have fired this full auto and it has never jammed? I believe that is a big fat lie. Epic perfection is not what I experienced while testing this pos full auto for 3 days. The TDI rep couldn’t make it go bang for more than 20 rounds at a time. This was fall of 2009. So please tell me if you have actually fired one of these things full auto, because I have and it was a complete joke. Anyone that needs to bet their life on a firearm wouldn’t touch this thing with a 10′ pole.

  • cholbII

    What is the approx. range? What is the practical need for a sight with that type of stock and barrel?

  • Repp

    This is without a doubt the best C.q.b Weapon of today, perfect round to knock someone down, great accuracy, and great Conceivability, great maneuverability. and it’s awesome none-jam inside receiver which will chamber each round with epic perfection. never jams. great c.q.b weapon

  • I have had the opportunity to do a live fire test of the KRISS Super V and I have no reservations in calling TDI’s technology as revolutionary. The KRISS weapon system, chambered in a .45ACP is a tremendous asset in any law enforcement agency inventory.
    Compactness, reliability, handling and recoil management are simply outstanding. If you need a high cyclic rate in a controllable package that delivers the terminal ballistics of a .45 ACP the KRISS System V is just what your armory needs.

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