KRISS Super V .45ACP

It isn’t often that something really new and different comes…

It isn’t often that something really new and different comes along in the firearms world. We often are inundated with ad agency hype about how some gun or another is a breakthrough in technology, so as a journalist we tend to be skeptical whenever we hear such announcements. Thus, when we were contacted by Transformational Defense Industries (TDI) regarding a potential test shoot of their radically new .45ACP submachine gun that was claimed to operate on a new principle that virtually eliminated felt recoil and muzzle rise, our first reaction was a silent, “yeah, sure…” Then when TDI sent us video of the KRISS being fired by people of all sizes, some single-handed, including a tiny woman, with virtually zero muzzle rise and clear lack of felt recoil, we began to suspect that TDI might be onto something.

Photo by Chris RohlingIt was at this point that TDI’s Vice President, Andrew Finn, offered to come to our police department and conduct a KRISS “hands on” demonstration. All that was necessary was that we show up with as many cops as we could get to attend. Any day on the range with unlimited free ammo is a good day, and Black Hills was generous enough to provide us with .45ACP FMJ ammo at a very reasonable price, which made things a bit easier not only for us, but for TDI, who was footing the bill for the day’s festivities.

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