Kriss Super V SMG

Pistol-caliber automatic shoulder weapons have been an option for operators…

Pistol-caliber automatic shoulder weapons have been an option for operators for nearly 100 years, and that option just became much more viable for police work with the Kriss Super V. With many years in law enforcement and a good deal of that on a S.W.A.T. team—although fielding a rifle most of the time—I never feel under-gunned with a submachine gun.

Its ability in varied and adverse environments gives the submachine gun many of its advantages. Typically, they are light and portable. They often have very little recoil and are easily controlled in fully automatic fire. Although pistol caliber, they are able to bring significant firepower to bear, and quickly. My instructor at the Master Instructor Class, Chris Shepherd, when asked how “effective” the 9mm MP5 was, succinctly noted, “I have yet to hear of anyone surviving a 10 shot burst to the head, when you do let me know.” At the end of that school we were regularly putting, while on the move, five- and six-shot bursts you could cover with a 50-cent piece, into hostage-taker targets. For a proficient operator, a submachine gun is very difficult to beat in a close-quarter environment. Short of penetrating body armor it is as lethal as it gets in a gunfight.

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