KRISS Vector Submachine Gun (video)

Photos: Alex Landeen The KRISS features a patented, 21st century…

Photos: Alex Landeen

The KRISS features a patented, 21st century system that absorbs recoil and redirects it downward and away from the shooter, instead of straight back into their shoulder as traditional submachine guns have done for more than 90 years. The KRISS Vector has already proven itself in real life Close-Quarters Battle (CQB) as a suitable firearm for SWAT operators.

Video by Dan Henderson.

Now, KRISS has introduced a semi-auto carbine version of the submachine gun, but with a 16-inch barrel, that is legal for most civilians to own. The KRISS CRB carbine is intended as a general-purpose sporting/range gun, taking advantage of the inherent accuracy and hitting power of the venerable .45 ACP cartridge. It accepts the same Glock 21 magazines as the submachine gun, and KRISS also manufactures an extension, the MagEx, which converts a standard 13-round Glock 21 magazine into a 30-round magazine. In this video, John Higgs walks through the various features of this innovative carbine. Look for the full feature story in the September 2011 issue of Tactical Weapons magazine On Sale 7/12/11.


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  • this gun is the best gun ever made, this video is great, but it would be nice to hear it shoot. i want one =D. how much is it?

  • William

    SBR’s and Full Autos are still available for civilians. I know it all where you live (and the paper work); but lets get real. They are not “Illeagal” when in such configurations.

  • Pat Henderson

    Great videos!