KURZZEIT’s Shimadzu HPV-1 High Speed Camera

Click here to see the High Speed Videos The Shimadzu…


Click here to see the High Speed Videos

The Shimadzu HPV-1 High Speed camera offers up to one million frames per second with a 100 frames memory.

It maintains excellent 312 x 260-pixel resolution at all recording speeds to permit detailed analysis of high-speed phenomena.

Dedicated software in the control unit allows recording to start immediately after performing a few simple settings. Recorded images can be saved in general image formats such as AVI or BMP.


Basic specifications:
– Resolution 312 (horizontal) x 260 (vertical) pixels
– Frame storage 100 frames
– Lens mount Nikon F mount
– Color, gradations Monochrome, 10 bits
– Recording speed 30 fps to 1,000,000 fps
– External trigger input TTL (positive/negative), switch closure
– Trigger mode Set trigger point at any desired frame
– Recording format 10-bit dedicated format, BMP, TIFF, AVI

Currently in use by U.S. Crime Labs:
Contra Costa County Sheriffs Department (Crime Lab) USA
State of South Dakota (Crime Laboratory) USA
State of California (Departement of Justice)
U.S. Dept of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology USA
Pennsylvania State University USA

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