LaRue OBR 5.56mm

LaRue’s OBRs are among the most accurate and reliable AR-type…

LaRue’s OBRs are among the most accurate and reliable AR-type rifles on the market. Built to the highest standards, the OBR is designed from the ground up to go into harm’s way in the harshest of conditions. Shown here with a Leupold Mark 6 3-18x44mm scope. Photo Courtesy Mark LaFingar, LaRue Tactical

I started with a precision bolt-action gun in the 1990s and have had the opportunity to shoot dozens of different rifles since. Those rifles ranged from the inexpensive to the insanely overpriced. Most have been chambered for .308, .338 or .50 BMG, with a few off-ball cartridges here and there. The 6.5mm Creedmoor occupies much of my time these days, and it has kept me attending our team trainings, even after completing a 20-year police career. My interest in precision rifles continues, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon.

Magpul CTR stock provide you with a perfect cheekweld regardless of your sighting system.

When the clamor for semi-auto precision rifles had begun in earnest, I tested them (and several at that). Most were in 7.62x51mm, and a couple were in 5.56mm. Though the 5.56mm has proven itself as a valuable patrol rifle, it has never been my first choice among precision rifles. I am still a proponent of .30 calibers or similar cartridges for most police work and for any work beyond 300 yards. Some of the 6.5mm cartridges and a few others look promising as well, but the real world of budgets and administrative decisions remains—6.5mms have some advantages but present the same logistics and cost issues of other low-volume cartridges. It is no easy task to supplant the 7.62x51mm or 5.56x45mm, and it is unlikely to happen on a large scale.

The high-quality-billet lower receiver provides for solid, repeatable accuracy. The sling swivel mount keeps the rifle in place when you need to move.

The 5.56mm has really taken off as both a DMR (designated marksman rifle) and an SPR (special purpose rifle). These acronyms have several meanings, thanks to the rifles’ different areas of operation as well as a certain degree of marketing. Generally, the DMR is carried by the observer, but it can also be a supplementary weapon to a dedicated precision rifle. More often than not, it is a semi-auto in .30 caliber.

Bushnell’s HDMR Elite Tactical scope proved to be precise, repeatable and incredibly rugged. It can handle severe conditions and is suitable for use on any precision rifle.

Taking into consideration its cartridge, the SPR has a more limited use. It does, however, serve as a real sweet spot for the 5.56mm cartridge. Many urban agencies are issuing semi-auto precision rifles to their snipers as supplements to their bolt-action guns. And several forward-thinking agencies are issuing SPRs to patrol officers for use in active-gunman situations. We know the wait-time for SWAT teams is generally nonexistent, so the best place to put the right tool is with patrol, where the SPR can be engaged as quickly as possible. Furthermore, military units have been using these rifles for years. They provide the perfect platform for low-power optics and precision triggers, delivering precise fire when needed.

There is a practically endless number of SPRs to choose from these days. A select few are the real cream of the crop, one of which is the LaRue Optimized Battle Rifle (OBR) 5.56mm. A recent trip to Rifles Only in Kingsville, Texas, provided me the opportunity to put one to the test.

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